Mixing Cosmopolitans. The Pouring Tales

Daniel Staub

English Edition
232 pages
83 colour illustrations
20 x 26 cm
ISBN 978-3-907203-04-0
CHF 45.00 / EUR 39.00 / USD 39.00

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mixing cosmopolitans, daniel staub

Daniel Staub, the creative mind behind several bars and speakeasies in Zurich and author of the bartending blog The Pouring Tales is on a mission to find and portray the most innovative and passionate bartenders from all across the globe—the true artists of modern mixology. Over the past few years, he has visited countless bars all around the world and formed friendships with many of the talented individuals who work there. Resulting from his extensive travels and research into the global nightlife scene, Mixing Cosmopolitans is a travel diary, a bar guide, and a recipe book all in one. Yet in the spotlight, first and foremost, are the people who breathe new, often unconventional, life into the art of hospitality and who in this book share their own personal path to finding their passion in bartending. Presenting twenty-one personal, beautifully illustrated portraits of bartenders and their bars along with the recipes for their signature cocktails, Mixing Cosmopolitans offers a compelling look into a constantly evolving scene and art form.